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October 08, 2007



One bright spot is that your panic period will probably be shorter with the second one than it was with the first. You know deep down that you are capable of caring for a newborn, because you've already done it. So your moment-to-moment fears will probably subside pretty soon. The joke about letting #2 eat off the floor has some truth to it, and that level of relaxation is very welcome, and probably necessary to survive. If you do happen to notice that, try to see it as a small favor.


Whatever you do, don't forget to breathe. And enjoy that second baby, because she will grow up even faster than the first. One day you will turn around and she'll be talking and copying everything her big brother does, and you'll wonder where the time went.

Also: The sound of two little kids laughing at each other is the best sound in the world.


Wow, a brunch shower, that sounds lovely.

I wish I had some good parenting advice for you, but since I'm not a parent I'm ill-equipped to provide any. The asking for help part sounded particularly good...


mmmm...french toast...


Here's my advice: what they said. Two kids are hard for about two months until you get all the logistics figured out (with one exception, phone calls - phone calls will never be easy, but at least the children bond in their common effort to drive you totally batshit crazy when you're on the phone).

Oh! I thought of something real. The anger/frustration you feel with Lowell when you're trying to get the hang of nursing and caring for a newborn again may be exacerbated by PPD - just keep that in mind, as it will make you feel less guilty about being pissed at him (or yourself, your husband, the world, etc.).

Oh - another thing. Watch out for Lowell putting stuff in her mouth. Snacks and such. That always happens.


Two kids. I promise you'll never regret it.


Congrats!! :)
I'm being a twitter-tattler!


I am only just now seeing this (and, ah, checking for news/photos/details!). And even though I have two already and having been doing this for a few months, it's still nice to see my tough times validated.

Three weeks and then three months were the magic numbers for me, getting the survival skills down and then really starting to enjoy life.

I'm very excited for you. You will do wonderfullly.


I'm only four weeks into having two and so definitely no expert, but I will say that while it's true that my firstborn drove me crazy for the first couple of weeks after the baby was born, he's gotten much better recently. (I know there will continue to be ups and downs... like for the next twenty years.) And though I have moments of short patience with him, I'm also experiencing a renewal of love and appreciation for him, as well. One, because in marvelling at everything that is wonderful about my newborn, I'm reminded of his newborn days and sort of reliving those in memory. Two, because he's so cool in so many ways that the baby (wonderful as she is) is not. I love his little voice, the crazy funny stuff he comes up with and the fact that he can tell me what he needs.


My biggest fear was that I was being disloyal to my first by having another. I had NO idea how much the capacity of my heart would grow.

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