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September 13, 2007



Ahhhhh that's quite a list. Virtual hugs, 'cause I can't just come over to help.


All right, how much of that have you actually done, and how much is just wishful musing? That sounds like at least two weeks of tasks to me!


Um, I haven't done any of them yet. Except I think with this post I can scratch off #34.


You must be a cool mom - lots a'humor!


sounds a lot like my second trimester. nesting freakout city. don't worry, it *will* all get accomplished (the important stuff, anyway).

just, um, not in one day.


I think you just reminded me of about 20 things I need to add to my list. I've been thinking about pulling crap out of the garage for a while but keep thinking, eh, I have X months left before I really need to worry about that. Besides, where would I put it all? Hm. Where AM I going to put The Bean when s/he arrives? Hm.

Eh, I have 3 months to figure it out... gonna go nap.


Anyone taking bets? A week?


You're the mothaflippin'...


I have a friend - we'll call him Eric - who makes up lists like this to do, thinking he'll get it all done in a couple of hours. We call it "Eric Time." I'd say at 3:00pm "Hey, wanna come over for a nightcap this eve?" His reply would be "Sure, I need to practice and go for a run, I should wash the truck and the dog, I'd like a nap, and I need to proofread an article I'm going to submit. So...I'll see you around 7:00?" Yeah. 'Round about 9:30 he'd call to say he wasn't coming over. :-) Prepping is good...with a huge dose of reality thrown in. I liked your post, though, it made ME laugh, even if YOU aren't! Thanks for the Friday humor.


Oh, man. I was so there about two weeks ago. Now that I'm four days past my due date everything is done, and I'm just waiting. Well, everything crucial. I still don't have the big brother's photo album anywhere near up to date (I'm about two years behind), but the actual baby-related stuff is done.

And I totally want an Ergo carrier. But that can wait 'til later, after the sling then the Bjorn do their jobs...


This was hilarious. Wish I lived nearby, I love cleaning/organizing (when it isn't my own stuff...)


awesome (for us, not you). I just sk-rted it.



Bossy loves this - so true... the tapestry of tasks.

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