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April 18, 2007


kara Garrett

what???!!!! you're pregnant?????


just got off the phone with your sister (as thought i needed to confirm?? who knows....)

and i believe i said 'Really?" Damn!" about nine times. If she tells you it was more than nine times she's yanking your chain ;)

and i mean the 'Really?" Damn!" in a great way. i'm not sure what i was expecting (no pun intended) when i read your blog this AM, but it certainly was not this!

but by all means, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND MATTHEW!!! Now Lowell will be given the lasting gift of being the big brother.

NOW aren't you glad you guys got out of the city?



mmmmm. grilled cheese!


OMG! OMG! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. And Lowell. And Matthew. And for the fact that the icky-pukey first trimester is over and you can talk about being pregnant now. (Those six-ish weeks of being in the closet, blogwise, are so hard. At least they were for me.)

I would also like to offer a big F. U. to your endometriosis, noting that while it may have scarred your ladyparts it did not triumph over ...

huh. Anthropomorphizing someone else's ailments is not as clever as I thought it would be. Or as easy. Stopping now.

p.s. Congrats!


Congratulations! I am especially loving the pee-stick pic, preserving the moment without actually having to preserve the specimen!
Wow, congrats again.


Yay, hooray! Pregnant buddy! (I say over my lunch of two greasy slices of pizza.) When in October? How much does Lowell know? So glad you are out of the first trimester.


Excellent A! Did pee sticks really go digital? And why can't they make them "Pregnant with a Girl" or "Pregnant with a Republican" yet?? What a waste of medical research money...

You have to get yourself some pressure point wristbands. I'm the president of the Pressure Point Wristband Fan Club, I guess, but they really work.


Oh, yay! Looks like congrats are due to you as well! :)


WOW! That's AWESOME!!! I can't make a font big enough to say WOW as loud as I want to!
I will let you figure out what it is that I think every time I drive by the "Gentle Dental Center." Hint: "lady parts."


So awesome! I always had trouble transposing numbers when I was pregnant. Words were okay. But then...no one was blogging back then. So it was easier. Good luck to you!


Here's wishing you a safe and comfortable rest of the way.

Now stay away from me, I'm a nervouse wreck around pregnant ladies.

Take care.


Thank you all so much for the good wishes! Now to answer some of your specific questions:

1. Yes, currently thankful we moved out of the city. Otherwise the new baby would be sleeping in a drawer.

2. Exact due date: October 19th. (Libra or Scorpio, could go either way.)

3. What Lowell knows: Lowell pointed to my belly and said "baby" even before I had confirmed it with a test so I'd say he knows what's up. (We currently have many moms in our circle that are pregnant so I am pretty sure it was coincidence and not clairvoyance). We talk about it occasionally, but not too much at this point because it's so far away for him. The other day I asked him if he wanted a brother or a sister and he said, very emphatically, "a sister." When I asked him whether a sister was a boy or a girl he said, again with conviction, "a BOY!"

4. Excellent question about the digital pregnancy tests! I concur that a little more info on that screen would be nice. Still, they are very useful. The last time I was peeing on sticks, with Lowell, I used the regular kind with the one/two lines. Why? Because they were cheaper and they seemed pretty straightforward. One time though, I looked at the little windows after waiting the three minutes and there was only one line: negative. This was expected even though my period was late (since "irregular cycle" is my middle name), so, crushed but unsurprised, I threw the thing in the trash. A couple days later, (while nursing a bad hangover no less) I realized I still didn't have my period. Just to be sure I dug the test out of the trash and lo and behold, there were now two lines. I think the scream that came out of my mouth at that moment could have been heard in space. Anyway, so yeah, digital tests are an excellent innovation in my book.




Feral Mom

Awesome. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! And pregnancy equals more material, yes? (Though alas, not in time for Nablopomo!)


I too just finished speaking with Kara (she really gets around!) and she said "go to her blog and say congrats". So, CONGRATS!! To you and Matthew and Lowell!!! I am so happy for you all!!
And I am now going to try and catch up on your writings, which I haven't read in forever.--Heather


I wondered if there was something going on behind the scenes...


(And I am so laughing, HARD, at the Natural by Nature thing. LOL!)


DUDE! GRATS! And guess what? ME TOO!! I haven't blogged about it yet because not all of the Significant Family Members know yet but I'm due Dec 11th. Anyhoo, I need to go make myself a grilled cheese sandwich...


Sorry I'm just getting around to this,but....YAY! Always makes me smile when someone announces a new baby. Congrats!




Congratulations! We're 9 months into that second kid thing, and the older one has settled down considerably. But man, he was trouble there for a while.

Hannah Crum

CONGRATULATIONS!! Lots of love...



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