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November 06, 2006



mom, why didn't auntie alana get her period until she was 36?

Feral Mom

Dude, so totally right on. About the NaBloPoMo monkey. Except mine throws his shit at me. Naughty monkey!


Whoa - did my comments section bring this 11-year-old boy thing up? That's a strange coincidence...

Naughty monkey? What are we talking about here again??


Nine, ten eleven...forever. They are confusing.

Your comments are perplexing me.


I'm 28 Kara, *remember?* Geez...

Ha! Mignon - it's a coincidence in that I was already going to post about this little gaffe. I did nod in slow agreement with that telemarketer though.

Touch my monkey. Touch it.

chocolate choke hazards!!...i'm reading, obviously behind. send the dook to california, a.s.a.p. i know the best ENT around.........xxxxxx


You know, I was going to Hock the vote, but Smoove Jazz is much better.

My brother is 12 ... I've endured that embarrassment before ("the hell? Put your sister on the phone!").


It may have been Smooth Jazz on Tues. but it's Easy Listenin' now. By the way, did anyone else notice the irony of the last 2 concessions being by Burns & Allen? Good night Gracie.....

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