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August 02, 2006



Oh, my daughter had that one time, and we had to call 911. It was horrifying and I was afraid to sleep for weeks after that.

I don't know HOW I survived the following weeks with the inhalers and steam baths. It was frightening and horribly exhausting.

I hope your baby is well again soon!

(p.s. thanks for having my back over at finslippy's!)



hey Y - no sweat. Croup is horrifying. But lowell is really getting better, the steroids did the trick. We're just on to phelgm city now. Lovely.


Croup is really yucky. Plus heat and sickness all around. Poor you.

Feel better soon!


Oh man oh man. My lord. Glad to hear Lowell's doing better -- I hope everyone else is, too. You have my sympathies.


Oh, girl...I feel for you. Oliver had croup last fall and it was awful. This was also during the four months he screamed and shat for no apparent reason -- that is, until we found he was lactose intolerant. I really did feel like I was going to burst into tears at the drop of a hat and I didn't have half of the stuff going on that you do.

So...I hope it passes quickly. Hang in there.


Lighting candles for you as I speak. I've been housebound with sick kids, but I can't remember when it was in such miserable weather. It's 8:45 p.m. here and still 97 degrees. You have my symmpathies.


We've never enjoyed croup, but poison ivy is my all-time favorite! I hope by this time the cold/ivy/coughing have gone on their way... so you can get back to enjoying living on the sun!


You guys are awesome. Thanks. I'd have piped up sooner but my brain was hijacked by my cold medicine.

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